Elastik's goal is to practice architecture closer to the notion of an industrial product that depends on a particular cultural “conditions of existence” and to develop tailor made concepts that arise out of everyday life as well as take into account the users of the spaces themselves and their own wishes.

Gustafson and Porter
The development of Gustafson Porter's design work has continuously pushed the boundaries of what constitutes the field of landscape.

Chora has a long-term commitment to developing new methods for architectural design and urban planning that help mitigate and adapt to the challenges of climate change.


Katya Larina
Architect and urban designer and tutor. Katya engages in research on urbanism and introduction of computation and new design methods able to deal with complex systems

Dietmar Köring - Arphenotype
Arphenotype has a deep interest in blurring and observing the boundaries between various artistic disciplines. Currently, Arphenotype is focusing upon utilizing techniques and constraints present within the production of synthetic systems and immersive digital virtual environments

Jeg Dudley
Jeg is a computational designer based in London. Since graduating in architecture, he has worked for companies across many design disciplines. In recent years Jeg has focused on digital design projects and techniques - gaining experience in processes such as the creation of irregular/ complex geometries, scripting & parametric design, computer-aided manufacturing and robotic fabrication.

Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann
creative climate cities researches and capetown gelb_322x211develops open-source strategies for urban development aiming at a spatially, socially and meteorologically climate-friendly future. We focus on community initiatives and entrepreneurs, co-created spatial interventions and unconventional design methodologies and instruments. We believe that our urban future depends on collaborative design processes that bring together spatial practices with unconventional business models, multi-level operational structures, smart technologies and intuitive learning environments.


TU Berlin
Chair for Sustainaible Planninag and urban Design at the IfA, TU Berlin, actively engages in questioning the current appropriation of the Smart City concept by the technocratic aspect of the practice. We aim at counteracting this trend by developing projects that put the profession of urban design back to the centre of the (smart) city discourse.

Architectural Association, School of Architecture
The Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, commonly referred to as the AA, is the oldest independent school of architecture in the UK and one of the most prestigious and competitive in the world. Its wide-ranging programme of exhibitions, lectures, symposia and publications have given it a central position in global discussions and developments within contemporary architectural culture.

Landscape Urbanism, AA
The Programme aims at developing instruments, proposing responses and investigating potentials emergent from the developmental pressures that regional networks exert on localities today.

The Cass
Learning through practice, playing with process and working with clients, students at The Cass gain real world experience in both individual and collaborative projects, engaging with professionals, communities and companies.