Chengdu Smart City

Chengdu is one of the oldest and currently fastest growing cities in China. The pace of expansion presents urban designers and planers with a big responsibility. How to design and plan on such an urban scale and how to meet the contemporary demands for sustainable and energy efficient urban form?

As a response to these questions, the studio will develop smart prototypes within the 5th ring of the Chengdu city. These prototypes together will create a Low Carbon Incubator – a vision for a sustainable urban future.

To work on such a visionary scale, the studio will start with the research of urban utopias like New Babylon (Constant Nieuwenhuys), Tokyo Bay (Kenzo Tange) or Spatial City (Yona Friedman).

In order to manage and design such complex visions, we will use Urban Gallery – a methodology for urban planning and dynamic management of complex systems.


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