BrainBox @ Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2015 in Berlin from BrainBox on Vimeo.

BrainBox is a research project done at the Chair for Sustainable Urban Planning and Urban Design, IfA, TU Berlin. BrainBox is an interactive environment for planning and subsequent negotiation of dynamic masterplans. It is a real-time modeling, decision-making and management tool that enables different stakeholders to create, asses and modify scenarios of development for a particular area. The scenarios are created by direct interaction between the stakeholders and through their real-time manipulation of a digital database.

BrainBox is a real time dynamic scenario tool that enables different stakeholders to model scenarios of development for a particular area. The scenarios are developed by direct visual interaction between the stake holders and prototype database. By creating different clusters of prototypes, stakeholders are creating scenarios that the BrainBox is tracking in real time. BrainBox saves different scenarios for later use and comparison. By comparing different scenarios the stakeholders can decide which scenario should be retained, changed or further developed.

BrainBox is a holistic and generalist planning tool that enables an overview and creation of visions of scenarios within a short amount of time. These visions can then be compared, selected, updated and reworked. The goal of BrainBox is to find dynamic development scenarios that are consensual for involved stakeholders and respond favourably to energy efficiency demands for the cities of tomorrow.

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Presenting the interactive game to the EU Comissioner Violeta Bulc


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