SSD is a Klimat KIC research project done as a crossdisciplinary collaboration.

Smart, Sustainable Districts (SSD) aims to partner with the most ambitious district level developments in the cities and regions represented in the Climate-KIC. It will offer Climate-KIC partners the opportunity to co-develop and demonstrate how new thinking, coupled with effective tools, technologies and policies, can lead to factor-4 improvement in city district performance across a range of sustainability measures. (© TU Munich)

The "work package 5" of the project strives to integrate resources (from the Resource Box) to create solutions that achieve more than the sum of their parts. The process by which to integrate resources is complex; there are many stakeholders, environmental factors, time constraints, technical and commercial parameters, and targets that need to be taken into account.

The process of integrating resources and forming implementation plans was fully tested in a controlled environment. The workshop materials were carefully prepared by all attendees with key details and parameters to create an ‘incubator’ of the larger project. For the first time we were able to realistically see what kind of impact we can make on the short-listed districts.

Main Setup:
Lead: Tu Berlin + Imperial college + Institute for Sustainaibility
Partners: TU Munich, Deltares, TNO, esri, ETH Zurich, University of Reading, Utrecht Sustainaibility Insititute, ARIA Technologies, Chalmers, Innovation Birmingham Campus, Iverdis, Smarter Better Cities


Main Workshop


Material for Workshop


Hery Jones explaining the integration


Playing the Game


Playing the game


Integration of Cards


Report © TU Berlin


Report © TU Berlin


Report © TU Berlin


Report © TU Berlin


Report © TU Berlin