Reanimation of Tobacna Tovarna Ljubljana

Reanimation of Tobacna Tovarna, Ljubljana from Tomaz Pipan on Vimeo.

The contemporary city represents an arena for commitment, where civic attitudes and ethics of diverse social groups are most visible and tested through bottom-up participation. On the other hand – it is hard to envision contemporary city, with all of its complexity; commercial, economic and cultural variety; to be entirely independent form global economic flows and ”global culture”. Therefore, we must seek the middle ground where sustainable development is defined as a co-existence between the capitalistic development for the good of the economy and local initiative for the good of the community.

Ljubljana doesn't have the global pull like for example London. It is less interesting for real-estate investment. Professional studies done for Tobačna blindly used “best-practice models" of foreign urban renewal projects. "Local reach" of the city means that it cannot accommodate big economic fluctuations. After a crisis, the city cannot pick up. The area needs a mixed set of stakeholders (big and small) that all have access to politics of space. Different conditions are favorable to different groups, making the area more resilient to economic change. This does mean smaller economic return, slower development, but also more stable and long-term strategy.