Urban Gallery

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The Urban Gallery methodology and management framework is in development at CHORA from 1995. It is a tool and an instrument for management and curation of dynamic master plans.

Urban Gallery is a new approach to urban planning that can address the complexity and dynamic character of, for example, climate change mitigation. The climate change mitigation and energy efficiency are the most current focus areas where Urban Gallery is being applied. Urban Gallery is uniquely suited to provide a robust framework for handling ever-changing conditions in urban environment. This is achieved by means of choreography, co-evolution, urban curation and cybernetics.

In Urban Gallery, prototype projects play a significant role; these either achieve efficient energy management, link operations of different sectors and stakeholders or create a pattern of sustained growth or evolution.

The Urban Gallery is a public arena that enables the stakeholders related to prototype projects to act jointly or collaborate over longer periods of time in order to develop, monitor and evaluate prototypes as pilot projects within an overall plan.

The structure of Urban Gallery consists of four main layers: Action Plans, Scenarios, Prototypes and Data Base.